About Us

We’re here so you don’t have to handle in-home care alone.

We know that finding a the right match in caregiving can be a challenge. Families want the best possible care for their loved ones, and caregivers want to provide the best possible support.

Caregivers NW is here to help by fostering positive experiences for our clients, and ensuring that our caregiving opportunities are more than “just a job”–it’s work that rewards you and fits into your life.

We believe in building trust, creating comfortable relationships between client and caregiver, and making sure everyone understands what’s needed and expected from day to day.

We’re committed to finding the right person that will make your loved one’s life more comfortable—who will not just be a helper, but a friend as well.

Our employees are the most important part of our business, and we strive to offer the best working experience we can. Taking care of our caregivers means better care for our clients.

We believe in compensating our employees fairly for their time and skill. We make sure our employees have a company behind them that offers support and puts their needs first.

Let our dedicated team of care professionals help you build a rewarding career in caregiving.